7:15 - 8:15pm 

4 weeks/8 sessions

Childcare Available


March 2 - 26

Winter 2020


What is LAUNCH?

LAUNCH by Veiled Fitness is a Metabolic Conditioning class designed for all fitness levels.  

It's built as a complete program to include workouts and customized nutrition for each participant based on their body composition and current goals. 


What is Metabolic Conditioning?

Metabolic Conditioning works to improve different energy systems of the body by undergoing workouts that vary in the amount of time spent working and resting.  Utilizing multi-joint exercises (full body movements) in varying times of work and rest  will yield a higher caloric burn throughout the workout as well as an increased metabolic resting rate  for hours AFTER the workout resulting in continuous fat burn!


                  1776 CENTENNIAL PLACE

                   ADDISON, IL 60101



Why join LAUNCH?

  • Women-only class
  • Held in a private setting, free from unwanted attention
  • Customized nutrition approach for each individual
  • Beneficial for beginners and seasoned athletes 
  • Improve mobility, endurance and agility 
  • Increase cardiovascular capacity while torching fat
  • Help speed up resting metabolism
  • Learn skills to easily transition into other areas of fitness
  • Build camaraderie and boost motivation amongst peers


 1:15 - 2:15pm  

4 weeks/8 sessions

​Complimentary Childcare